• Fixed a problem displaying fixed scientific notation with zero decimal places.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.6.3 on iOS.


  • Rounding is now back to the "Nearest or Even" rule by default, by popular demand.
  • Added a new "Rounding" section to the settings, which controls the display, as well as the behaviour of the "Round" button.


  • Improved support for tvOS 10.
  • Added an option to display improper fractions in "Fraction" display mode.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.6.1 on iOS.


  • Added support for tvOS 10.0, including an automatic dark theme option.
  • Added a new "Fraction" display mode that shows the closest fraction for the current decimal result.
  • Now use monospace digits throughout the app for better readability.
  • Gamepad support has changed slightly - you now need to move the left stick first to bring up the wheel UI.
  • Fixed a problem with gamepad buttons double-pressing keys on tvOS 10.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.6 on iOS.


  • Brand new icon!
  • Added an option to use E notation for the main display rather than superscript numbers.
  • Changed the number entry and delete key behaviour to be more sensible for decimals and exponents.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.5.3 on iOS.


  • Added support for game controllers. Use the left analog stick and the trigger and shoulder buttons to quickly enter numbers and commands.
  • Now you can completely justify getting that controller - it's for work!
  • Fixed a problem with the speech support.
  • Fixed a problem with VoiceOver support.


  • Added speech support for speaking actions and calculation results.
  • Fixed a problem with the "Error" message not appearing.


  • First release for Apple TV.